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Welcome to the Channel City Club


Committee on Foreign Relations

The Channel City Club is pleased to announce an additional membership opportunity -  The Committee on Foreign Relations, member of the American Committees on Foreign Relations.

The American Committees on Foreign Relations was founded to promote dialogue between civic leaders and policymakers. Established as a program of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1938, ACFR became its own association in 1995 and established a headquarters in Washington, D.C. ACFR is founded on the proposition that American foreign policy depends, ultimately, upon the strength of the public consensus that underlies it. Comprised of local groups around the country, ACFR promotes foreign relations dialogue through lecture-discussions and other civic forums.

ACFR's program is principally devoted to providing its members with eminent foreign affairs speakers. Speakers are drawn from the policy and diplomatic communities of the United States and other countries. In addition, ACFR regularly books foreign affairs experts from think-tanks, the academy, and the media. We have a particular interest in giving the authors of important new books a hearing in our forums.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, ACFR has three sources of support: yearly dues from member committees, foundation grants, and donations from individual members through its Annual Giving Campaign. Contributions to ACFR to further its important work are welcome and tax deductible.