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Welcome to the Channel City Club


Committee on Foreign Relations Membership

Channel City Club Annual Membership Dues:

Individual Dues $75
Household Dues
(2 or more people at same address)

In Addition:
Foreign Relations
(See benefits below)

With spouse




Benefits for the Foreign Relations Group members of the CCC include:

I. Member of American Committees on Foreign Relations which continues to provide access to its cadre of speakers for 6-8 programs in Santa Barbara (September-June). Each speaker will give a major presentation at the luncheon. The Foreign Relations group members may have special seating. In addition, there will be an “Off the Record” discussion with the speaker during a morning or late afternoon reception.

II. Eligible to attend ACFR’s Annual Foreign Relations Conference in Washington, D.C.. The members who have attended these fine Conferences over the years have given high praise of these events.

III. Access to Daily Newsgroup

IV. Access to all CCC luncheon programs

V. Invitations to participate in Special excursions and tours

For more information, please visit the website of the American Committee on Foreign Relations