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Welcome to the Channel City Club



11th Annual China Town Hall
Ambassador Susan E. Rice
Former national security advisor and U.S. ambassador to the UN


9th Annual China Town Hall
On-site commentary with: Ira Kasoff
Topic: “China at a Crossroads?”


Charlotte Ponticelli “The Situation of Women in Afghanistan: Priorities, Challenges and Possibilities"
(Link to CSPAN video)



The Truth about UFO's - MUFON
Jan Harzan at the Channel City Club

(thanks to Dean Mars for video!)


‘Excursion Tour’ to The Hercules Campus, formerly the home of The Hughes Aircraft Company, on Friday October 10th, 2014 Slideshow


President Jimmy Carter at CHINA Town Hall 2014

World War Two "Bomber Boys" of Santa Barbara by TV Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Forum : Bomber Boys from Michael Nicholson on Vimeo