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Channel City Club
& Committee on Foreign Relations
Santa Barbara's Window on the World

The Channel City Club was founded in 1946 in Santa Barbara, California, to provide the community with a local venue for outstanding experts on state, national, and international issues.

The  Committee on Foreign Relations promotes foreign relations dialogue  through
Member of ACFR, Washington, D.C.

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guadalcanal photo.jpg

Presentation with the Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation

80th Anniversary:

Guadalcanal & North Africa

“America Strikes Back”

Presenters: John Blankenship & Sheriff Bill Brown 

Arthur Rachwald.jpg

Putin’s Weltanschaung:  Intellectual Roots of the War Against Ukraine

Arthur R. Rachwald
Professor Emeritus, Political Science Dept – U.S. Naval Academy for 34 years; Currently Professorial Lecturer, Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Austria

Arthur I. Cyr, Professor and Author

2022 Christmas Brunch
Topic: Asia Update

Arthur I. Cyr

Director & A.W. & Mary Margaret Clausen Distinguished Professor of Political Economy & World Business, Kenosha, Wisconsin; former President, Chicago World Trade Center & author of "After the Cold War."

Recent CCC and CFR Events
Honorable Henrietta Holsman Fore

The Revolutions & innovations Around Us

The Honorable Henrietta Holsman Fore

Immediate Past Executive Director UNICEF; Chmn.& CEO Holsman International

In Conversation with Professor Colleen Graffy

Maryam Zar portrait

40 Years of Resistance by the Women of Iran Culminates in a National Movement that has the Attention of the World

Maryam Zar

Iranian American member LA City Commission on the Status of Women; former editor & advertising executive; founder Womenfound

Kathleen Bruhn

Brazilian Democracy at the Crossroads

Kathleen Bruhn
Professor & Chair Department of Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara

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